Prefabricados Cobomar

Manufacture of prefabricated shoe soles

More than 30 years of experience, professionalism and a great team of experts make us a truly consolidated company in the sector of prefabricated soles for footwear in which the quality of our products and a unique service to our customers differentiate us.

In prefabricados Cobomar S.L. we have more than 2.000m2 of infrastructure available for a productive and efficient performance, with a high level of reaction to any kind of unforeseen event.

Within this team of professionals, it is worth mentioning our sample and modeling sector, which is totally independent from the production area, this detail allows us to provide an exclusive and really fast service in this aspect and thus cover all our demands.


At Prefabricados ComobarWe are proud to offer products of the highest quality. Our shoe soles undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure that they meet the highest standards. We work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best possible product.


Our customization process is a true dialogue between the expertise of our team and the wishes of our customers. We immerse ourselves in the details, listen carefully and collaborate closely to create exclusive soles that exceed all expectations.


our passion for excellence drives us to constantly explore new ideas and solutions in the world of footwear. Over the years, we have tirelessly researched, developed and innovated to deliver products that exceed expectations.

Prefabricated soles for footwear

Explore our wide range of prefabricated soles at Prefabricados Cobomar, where each collection is meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of women’s, men’s and children’s footwear. From seasonal trends in our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections to the latest innovations in the market, we offer a variety of soles that combine advanced technology, innovative design and premium materials. Ideal for manufacturers and designers looking for excellence and timeliness at every step. Discover the quality and creativity in every sole we design, always guaranteeing the best response to market trends and consumer needs.

Prefabricated Soles Lady

Discover Prefabricados Cobomar’s exclusive collection of soles for women’s footwear. With over 30 years of experience, we offer elegant designs and high quality materials for every style.

Suelas Prefabricadas Caballero

Explore our range of soles for men’s shoes at Prefabricados Cobomar. Crafted with precision and durable materials, our soles combine style and functionality for the modern man.

Prefabricated Soles Children

Discover our soles for children’s footwear at Prefabricados Cobomar, designed for durability and comfort. Perfect to support every step of the little ones’ adventure.

Discover the diversity and creativity of our soles at Prefabricados Cobomar. Click the button to explore our complete sample gallery, where you will find a wide variety of designs and materials that we can manufacture and customize to your specifications. Don’t miss the opportunity to see what we have to offer to take your footwear projects to the next level. Explore our options now!

Make us your partner today. We want to listen to your project and we will be willing to contribute our experience in the manufacture of prefabricated soles to help you develop your designs and materialize them with the best finishes. Contact us today, we will be happy to hear your proposal.