Catalogue of works carried out

Prefabricated soles for footwear

Find out about previous projects in which we have collaborated manufacturing soles for footwear, working side by side with our customers. In this section we show the soles developed for past seasons and discover a small sample of the finite, but extensive, number of sole designs we have worked on.

Explore our extensive catalogue of prefabricated soles for footwear from past seasons at Prefabricados Cobomar. With a wide variety of materials, designs and technologies, we offer innovative solutions to suit any footwear manufacturing need. Ideal for designers and manufacturers looking for quality and durability in their products. Discover our options and choose the perfect soles for your creations.

Cuerolite Floors

Explore our exceptional range of Cuerolite shoe flooring at Prefabricados Cobomar. Known for their durability and versatile aesthetics, our Cuerolite flooring is the perfect choice for those looking for quality and style in one product. Perfect for a variety of footwear applications, each design is a testament to innovation and traditional craftsmanship. Find out more about our collection and how we can help you elevate your footwear creations.

Crepeline and EVA flooring

Discover the innovative collection of Crepelina and EVA prefabricated soles at Prefabricados Cobomar. Lightweight, flexible and abrasion resistant, our apartments combine advanced functionality with optimal comfort. Ideal for footwear designers looking for high performance materials and attractive aesthetics. Explore our options to find the perfect solution to elevate your footwear designs.

Leather Floors

Discover our leather soles for footwear, the preferred choice for those seeking elegance and durability. At Prefabricados Cobomar, we use high quality leather, ensuring a premium finish and exceptional resistance in each sole. Perfect for dress and casual footwear, our leather apartments combine traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, providing unparalleled comfort and style.

T.P.U. and T.R. floors.

Explore our selection of T.P.U. and T.R. soles at Prefabricados Cobomar, where innovation meets functionality. These materials offer superior abrasion resistance and exceptional flexibility, ideal for footwear that demands durability and comfort. Our T.P.U. and T.R. soles are perfect for demanding environments, guaranteeing optimum performance and adaptability to various weather conditions and surfaces.

Make us your partner today. We want to listen to your project and we will be willing to contribute our experience in the manufacture of prefabricated soles to help you develop your designs and materialize them with the best finishes. Contact us today, we will be happy to hear your proposal.