Prefabricated soles for footwear

Current sample

At Prefabricados Cobomar, with more than 30 years of experience, we are leaders in the manufacture of prefabricated soles, combining exceptional quality and personalized service. With facilities of more than 2,000m2 and a team specialized in sample and model making, we guarantee fast and efficient answers to every need. Explore our wide range of soles for all types of footwear, designed to meet the most demanding market requirements. Each sole reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in the footwear industry.

Prefabricated Soles Lady

Explore our distinguished collection of soles for women’s shoes at Prefabricados Cobomar. With more than three decades of experience, we present refined designs and premium materials adapted to each unique style.

Suelas Prefabricadas Caballero

Discover our selection of soles for men’s shoes at Prefabricados Cobomar. Crafted with care and resistant materials, our soles combine elegance and practicality for the contemporary man.

Prefabricated Soles Child

Explore our collection of soles for children’s footwear at Prefabricados Cobomar, created to offer maximum durability and comfort. Ideal to accompany every child’s adventure with safety and style.

Previous seasons

Cuerolite Floors

Discover Cuerolite flooring at Prefabricados Cobomar, where our specialized team takes full advantage of the outstanding characteristics of this material. Renowned for its strength and superior quality, Cuerolite offers exceptional flexibility and a wide range of design and finish possibilities.

Crepeline and EVA flooring

Explore our range of Crepelina and EVA flooring at Prefabricados Cobomar, noted for their high quality, lightness and flexibility, along with remarkable abrasion resistance. Thanks to our specialized machinery and extensive experience in the manufacture of prefabricated soles, we are able to offer a variety of innovative developments using these versatile materials. Discover how our advanced technology and expert knowledge combine to produce exceptional soles suitable for various footwear applications.

Leather Floors

Discover Prefabricados Cobomar’s leather floors, recognized for being the highest quality material in the production of prefabricated soles. Our team of expert technicians provides specialized care, maximizing the qualities of the leather to deliver perfectly finished soles. Explore how our skill and attention to detail result in exceptional products that make a difference in the footwear market.

T.P.U. and T.R. floors.

Explore the T.P.U. and T.R. floors at Prefabricados Cobomar, where we use lightweight and highly abrasion resistant polyurethanes. Perfect for the manufacture of durable soles, these materials combine waterproofing and ease of handling to offer practical and long-lasting properties. Discover how these apartments can enhance the quality and functionality of modern footwear.


Explore our exciting collection of prefabricated soles for the 2022 season at Prefabricados Cobomar. With a fusion of advanced technology and cutting-edge designs, our soles are designed to elevate any footwear line. Each sole is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation, ensuring products that not only meet aesthetic expectations but also deliver exceptional performance. Perfect for designers and footwear manufacturers looking to integrate quality and contemporary style into their creations. Get ready to transform your designs with our industry-leading solutions!

Discover the new spring-summer 2021 collection of prefabricated soles at Prefabricados Cobomar. Our latest series combines innovation and style, offering perfect soles for every type of seasonal footwear. Made from high quality materials and designed for comfort and durability, our soles are essential for any footwear manufacturer looking to make a statement this summer. Immerse yourself in a range of fresh and vibrant designs, ideal for bringing your next footwear collection to life.

Make us your partner today. We want to listen to your project and we will be willing to contribute our experience in the manufacture of prefabricated soles to help you develop your designs and materialize them with the best finishes. Contact us today, we will be happy to hear your proposal.